Not Just An Average Chair
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Simple & Elegant Design

True Power & Weight Capacity

Patened ASL Technology

Ergonomic seat and folding armrests

Top Quality & Range of Upholstery Styles

Customizable Control Speed limiter

We’re Elite Elevators; India’s No 1 and only certified domestic home lifts & platform elevators.

Chair lifts are a practical and economical solution for people who face mobility and accessibility problems within their own homes but want to maintain a healthy, happy, and active lifestyle without having to relocate.
A ThyssenKrupp Access chair lift is the solution. We engineer every stair chair with a wide variety of smart and innovative products designed to fit your unique needs.
Remain confident that every chair lift allows maximum control for the user. At ThyssenKrupp Access, we ensure all our stair chairs are backed with customer support, award-winning design, and proven reliability. Choose from our wide selection of stair lifts — and customize them to solve any unique challenge that your home presents. Browse below to see all of our stair lift options.
With the ergonomically positioned footrest , you’ll experience less knee -flexion , adding an extra comfort to your journey.

ThyssenKrupp is the only chairlift manufacturer on the market that offers ASL Technology.

chair lift with ASL technology
Get on and off the chair safely
Comfortable sitting position throughout the ride
Chair and footrest rotate together
Optimal rotation also in narrow and steep stairs
Ergonomically- positioned footrest for less knee flexion
Get on and off the chair safely

Unique Design

One of the world’s most innovative chairlifts. It comes with a large selection of features which will benefit any chairlift user.

Call and Park Control

Parking bend or parking place halfway upstairs for out of the way parking of the chairlift.



Chair Lift Users

It takes a lot to be one of the most trusted lifts on the market. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.

Ergonomic position

Ergonomic position with comfortable low seat and less knee flexion. Battery-operated rack and pinion drive system.

Emergency lowering device

Easy-to-fold chair saves space with easy-to-use footrest handle

ThyssenKrupp Uses Microsoft HoloLens and Azure Technology

Microsoft HoloLens and Azure enable ThyssenKrupp to design custom-built Chair lift home solutions with a higher standard of customer experience—and at a faster pace—than ever before.

Chair Lift

A chairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people up and down stairs. For sufficiently wide stairs, a rail is mounted to the treads of the stairs. A chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail. A person gets onto the chair or platform and is lifted up or down the stairs by the chair which moves along the rail.

chair lifts
chair lifts model
mini chair lift

Chair Lift Installation

ThyssenKrupp Access-certified professionals will survey your home, talk to you about your particular needs, and determine the best location for the equipment to be installed.
Any surrounding furnishings will be noted and protected wherever possible.
Your accessibility equipment will be installed quickly and professionally by ThyssenKrupp-trained technicians, and with as minimal interruption to your life as possible.
Equipment will be tested and product usage demonstrations provided to ensure a clear understanding of all features and operation.

Chair Lift Benefits

stair lift
  • It makes climbing stairs easy.
  • Delivers complete freedom of active living.
  • Safe and convenient solution for people suffering from mobility issues.
  • Brings control at your fingertips.
  • Consumers power equivalent that of a light bulb.
  • Requires limited space on stair case.
  • No need of modification to the staircases.
  • Reliable during power failure.

Oh, & We make Beautiful life

Chair Lifts offers the freedom to enjoy your home !!!