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Award-winning stairlifts from ThyssenKrupp.

To choose, a stairlift is a choice to remain independent in your own home. TK Access Solutions has designed, manufactured and installed quality stairlifts for over 60 years. With a large array of options, outlined throughout this brochure, our stairlifts can be installed onto nearly every staircase with minimal disruption.

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The Perfect match

The idea of having a stairlift may take a bit of getting used to. We understand this. Maybe you worry that it will be obtrusive, so we’ve kept these thoughts in mind when designing the Flow2. Thanks to our monorail technology we can match almost any staircase requirement including; extreme steepness, very narrow stairs or limited space at the top or at the bottom of your staircase.

The Flow2’s monorail follows the curve of your stairs, minimising its obtrusiveness. Additionally, the contemporary yet functional design blends perfectly into your home, becoming a part of your interior, just like a new piece of furniture. With many upholstery and rail color options, you can choose whatever suits your interior best.

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A Good Design Solves A Problem. A Bad Design Will Create One.

Whether you have limited space at the landing of your stairs or have room for a parking curve to make getting on and off your stairlift even easier, we have a number of options available to you. Our rail ending options eliminate the need for a hinged rail which in turn offers a more reliable configuration.

customised rail design
Position No. 1

Customised Rail Design No. 1

Position No. 2

Customised Rail Design No. 2

customised rail design
customised rail design
Position No. 3

Customised Rail Design No. 3

Colors Available

Our rails are available in four colors as standard or choose to have it painted in any RAL color as an additional option.


RAL: 7046


RAL: 8019


RAL: 9002


RAL: 8024

Armrests & Footrests

The conventional layout for a typical domestic stairlift is to have the seat at right angles to the rail so the user travels “sidesaddle”. At the top of the staircase, the seat can be swiveled, commonly through around 45 degrees or 90 degrees, then locked in place to allow the user to alight from it onto a landing. Stairlifts are available with either a manual swivel or a powered swivel, depending on the user’s ability.

straight armset feature
Armrests No. 1

Straight Armrests

Armrests No. 2

Cured Armrests

curved armset features
statndard footrest feature
Footrests No. 1

Standard Footrests

Footrests No. 2

Smaller Footrests

smaller footrests
auto stop function
Footrests No. 3

Auto Stop Function

Lift stops immediately in case of any obstruction

We Love Design

Innovative joystick is easy to operate, even with limited hand function.

Assembled Custom Just For You

Speed & Beauty Combined

Other Design Features

Emergency lowering device

Retractable seat belt added safety

Call and Park Control

Ergonomic position

with comfortable low seat and less knee flexion


rack and pinion drive system

Parking bend or Parking place

halfway up stairs for 'out of the way' parking of the Chairlift


Chair saves space with easy-to-use footrest handle

Saves space on your chairs

With an unobtrusive monorail tube. Low -profile monorail with a diameter of 8 cm

Wireless call and park station

at top and bottom of stairs, foldable seat and footrest as standard

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Blueprint (2)

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